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and officers determined he showed signs of intoxication ... Lawson was also charged with a DUI in Denver, back in January.

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1993): 1) common worksite; 2) similar occupation; 3) times of exposure; 4) disease type; 5) living or deceased; 6) status of discovery; 7) whether plaintiffs are represented by the same counsel; and 8) type of cancer.

Denver Nuggets star Ty Lawson got busted for DUI in Los Angeles last night -- his second DUI arrest this year. Cops say during the arrest, Lawson identified himself as an NBA player -- and was carrying ,000 IN CASH on his person.

TMZ Sports has learned Lawson was pulled over by CHP for speeding on the 101 Freeway early this morning ... We actually spoke to Lawson as he and his GF Ashley King (former "Bad Girls Club" star) were leaving Le Jardin nightclub in Hollywood -- moments before they jumped on the freeway.