Dating carnival glass

Mc Kee Glass Company began its life as Mc Kee and Brothers Glass Works in Pittsburgh, PA in 1853.The factory later moved to Jeannette, PA, which was founded by H. In 1901, the National Glass Company took over the factory and ran it as Mc Kee Glass until 1904.By 1924, a new factory manager by the name of Carl Sloan created pressed tableware that is now considered highly collectible by antique collectors.Jeannette Glass was a pioneer in bringing together automation and color. Many of these items were imitations of cut glass, known as near-cut. Nucut was a line of imitation cut glassware, which was popular at the time; the Nuart line imitated Tiffany glass and was produced at first as lamp shades and later as vases.

Starting that same year, Jeannette started to produce pressed glassware exclusively.They became noted for their modern designs, unique Ultra-marine color, cone shaped pieces and for including refrigerator and kitchen glassware into their sets. In 1961 Jeannette Glass bought Mc Kee Glass Division. in 1951 and finally bought out by the Jeannette Corporation in 1961.Northwood The underlined "N" in a circle is the most frequently seen mark in classic era Carnival.