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As I currently understand Google Chrome puts bookmarks separately from Google Bookmarks, which is accessible in Firefox by using Google Toolbar for Firefox. So how should I synchronize bookmarks across my browsers? I use Google Chrome as my primary browser and it works good and bookmarks are synchronized across number of computers I’m using. And we can do synchronization between Google Bookmark (not Google Chrome’s Bookmarks) and Mozilla Firefox Bookmarks through Google Toolbar.

If you bookmark the page through the file menu, it only bookmarks the first frame.

With the release of Firefox 43.0, Mozilla has added a new feature to the web browser which is called "Search Suggestions".

This feature automatically shows suggestions in the addressbar whenever you type some text in Firefox addressbar.

Registration requires only your email address and a password.

Registration allows Ever Sync to store your data in their servers, so your bookmarks are stored in the cloud and safely backed up. There are three ways you can do to start syncing bookmarks: Merge, Upload and Download.