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As directed by Adam Shankman, who fared very nicely with the musical "Hairspray," the film's fantasy vignettes offer a few laughs, though they never dominate the movie the way they should.

The idea is that the stories, where anything can happen, somehow manage to improve Skeeter's real life, which has been clouded with disappointment. 25Starring: Adam Sandler (Skeeter Bronson); Keri Russell (Jill); Guy Pearce (Kendall); Russell Brand (Mickey); Richard Griffiths (Mr.

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She has been dating her bodyguard Lee, a former Israeli soldier, so Russell should tread carefully. [From the Sun] It’s cute that they think Russell Brand is “the man of the moment in America.” I think he’s just “less unknown than he used to be in America.” Of course that doesn’t sound quite so sexy and likely to entice Britney.And Russell is back on the prowl after telling snappers earlier in the evening that he was ‘footloose and fancy free’ after ending his three month relationship with gorgeous Australian actress TERESA PALMER. But I don’t think they’re being misinformed about Russell’s popularity means that they’re misinformed about everything.Brand is edgy without being a blatant risk in terms of Brit’s reputation – which I think she probably takes pretty seriously now, considering how hard she’s worked the last few months.The comedian just happened to be having dinner in the same restaurant, on the same night as the pop princess.Russell and Britney were snapped leaving The Little Door Restaurant in LA – separately of course.