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I have really just been taking it easy, staying at home, working out in my gym and doing the things I haven't done in a very long time." WATCH: Richard Simmons Says Miley Cyrus 'Needs to Be Loved' Simmons explained that this is how he wants to live his life right now, urging people to not worry about him.

Russell co-founded Def Jam with NYU student and future music impresario (with Rick Rubin).

She writes that one day KISS walked in sans makeup and Simmons flirted with her after she sang for him. RELATED: Sex Pistol Steve Jones says John Lydon has big ego, low self-esteem, like most frontmen Sagal says she took him home "because he was quite persuasive, and I like men." At first, "I thought Gene was really weird," she writes.

But she also says "he was cute and had a lot of confidence." The next day, Sagal, who was in her own band at the time, brought Simmons to her rehearsal.

” “Calf called Genie is born on Texas ranch and looks EXACTLY like Kiss rocker Gene Simmons,” read his post.

Apparently Gene Simmons‘ family jewels are getting a bit of a workout these days.