Ajax updating a gridview with jquery andy samberg rashida jones dating

Clicking a row in the first Grid View results in new data being retrieved for the second Grid View.

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Visual Studio is a great tool for developing web applications, but your site might end up being rather sluggish if you don't design it to avoid large data transfers (postbacks) when pages are updated.However some (in fact many) time, you may want to display only first few records initially and remaining on subsequent user interactions. For example, enabling pagination support on the control (if it supports), implementing server side pagination in your stored procedures or writing custom logic in application code to fetch only required sets of data etc.Here I am going to show another way where you can load data from database in sets and then bind the gridview, using JQuery and Ajax.Start index of result set and records to be fetched are specified by start Record and max Records parameters respectively.Author class is nothing but a business object that represents each row of the 'authors' table.

Ajax updating a gridview with jquery